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Diving Spots

Diving Spots

We offer regular weekend dives on both Saturdays and Sundays. We strive to cater to our clients, therefore we are very flexible with our diving arrangements. If you have a dive site you wish to go to, please contact us at

Dives for the weekend need to be arranged by Friday noon. Below are the Dive sites, please review and choose two sites (either West or East).

Also, feel free to join our google group for weekly updates.

Diving spots in Pohnpei

Diving spots in Pohnpei

Here is a map of the amazing diving spots Pohnpei has to offer.

Dive sites inside the reef provide lots of small fish, colorful coral and calmer waters.

Dive sites outside of the reef provide bigger fish, sometimes including mantas, turtles and dolphins (laidenki); these locations tend to have stronger currents, but clearer visibility.

Dive Sites East Include:

Easy: Coral Gardens, Mwahnd Cove, Inner Reef Walls at Mwahnd, Irish Cove, Tubraestrea Ridge, Blue Hole at Parem, Lenger Ramp, Wreck at Nett Point, the Chimneys, Areu Inner Reef Wall

Intermediate: Japanese Lighthouse, The Old Main Pass, the Post, Manta Road, Areu Pass

Advanced: North Point outer reef wall, Mwahnd Pass.

Further East ($20 Per Diver Suppliment):

Intermediate: Madeolenihm Pass, Joy Island, Nan Madol.

Excellent Snorkeling:

Coral Gardens, Mwahnd Cove, Inner Reef Wall at Mwahnd, Lenger Ramp, the Chimneys, Areu Inner Reef Wall and Irish Cove.

Dive Sites West:

Easy: Sandy Bottoms, Seinwar Reef, Pehleng Inner Reef Wall

Intermediate: Blue Hole at Shipping Pass, Palikir Pookie, Dahwak Pookie

Advanced: Palikir Pass, Dahwak Pass, Pehleng Corner, Keporah Wall, Seinwar Reef.

Further West (Suppliment Of $20 Per Diver):

Nahlap Pass, Ros Island Pass, Ros Bridge, Lohn Pah Pass.

Excellent Snorkeling:

Sandy Bottoms, Seinwar Reef, Pheleng Innter Reef Wall. Sites further west (supplement of $20 per diver) include (Advanced) Nahlap Pass, Ros Island Pass, Ros Bridge, Lohn Pah Pass.


If you wish to do exploratory dives, let us know and we will work out details with you.