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Fun Dives for Saturday 20 April

We offer weekend dives. If you wish to dive, please review the possible sites East or West and choose two sites. Then contact us with a buddy to sign up by Friday noon. The costs will vary from $70 (Lenger area, based on 4 divers) to $100 (Pehleng area, based on 4 divers). Gear rental is $20 per day. Snorkelers pay $20 per day. There will be a supplemental fee of $30 per diver for fewer than 4 divers.  We will provide tidal information with each post and a general recommendation for the dives each day. We may revert to the old format, though it was not bringing in divers. 

Dives for Saturday, 20 April

Low tide is just before 10:00 AM

High tide is just before 4:00 PM

Great day for pass dives or spots near the reefs.

Easter Sunday is also available.

Please let us know what you think of the new format.You can contact us at 320-3181, laidenkidivers@gmail.com, or joranahan@gmail.com. You can also sign up and check to see whether others plan to go at our Facebook page: Laidenki Divers - Pohnpei.

Dive sites East include: (Easy Dives) Coral Gardens, Mwahnd Cove, Inner Reef Walls at Mwahnd, Irish Cove, Tubraestrea Ridge, Blue Hole at Parem, Lenger Ramp, Wreck at Nett Point, the Chimneys, Areu Inner Reef Wall,

(Intermediate) Japanese Lighthouse, The Old Main Pass, the Post, Manta Road, Areu Pass, (Advanced) North Point outer reef wall, Mwahnd Pass.

Sites further to the east ($20 per diver supplement) include: (Intermediate) Madeolenihm Pass, Joy Island, Nan Madol.

Good to excellent snorkeling at: Coral Gardens, Mwahnd Cove, Inner Reef Wall at Mwahnd, Lenger Ramp, the Chimneys, Areu Inner Reef Wall. Irish Cove is good, but can have tricky currents for snorkelers.

Dive sites to the West include: (Easy) Sandy Bottoms, Seinwar Reef, Pehleng Inner Reef Wall, (Intermediate) Blue Hole at Shipping Pass, Palikir Pookie, Dahwak Pookie, (Advanced) Palikir Pass, Dahwak Pass, Pehleng Corner, Keporah Wall.

Good to excellent snorkeling at: Sandy Bottoms, Seinwar Reef, Pheleng Innter Reef Wall. Sites further west (supplement of $20 per diver) include (Advanced) Nahlap Pass, Ros Island Pass, Ros Bridge, Lohn Pah Pass. If you wish to do exploratory dives, let us know and we will work out details with you.

Later Event: April 27
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