Pohnpei, Micronesia


The boat gets launched Monday, 4 March, after repairs to engine and boat. 

Saturday, 9 March

Dive 1 will be at Sandy Bottoms around the central coral outcroppings. Good coral, lots of aquarium fish. Good for photography. Departure from Litakika at   11:00 AM (gather to pick up gear at 10:30 at the shop).  Great spot for beginners or those of you who are a bit rusty and want to do an easy dive.

Dive 2 will be at the blue hole between the two small passes bear Old Main Pass. It is protected and a relatively shallow dive (40-50’). It’s been awhile since we dove here, but there is good coral and good viz with the incoming tide. Return to Litakika by 4:00 Pm

Cost per diver will be $80, given a minimum of four divers. Snorkelers are welcome at $20 each. Sign up by Friday (8 March) by noon: laidenkidivers@gmail.com, joranahan@gmail.com. Contact us at the office at 320-3181.

Sunday, 10 March

Dive 1 will be at Manta Road. Departure from Dipision at 8:00 AM (gather at the shop at 7:30 to pick up gear). 

Dive 2 will be an exploratory in two blue holes near Parem. We’re after nudibranchs on this dive. Return to Dipision by 2:00 PM

Cost per diver will be $80, given a minimum of four divers. Snorkelers are welcome at $20 each.

2 February. Saturday Morning Dive: Sandy Bottoms. Both dives will both be at the Sandy Bottoms area. This is a good spot for beginners and for those of you wanting easy dives to refresh you skills. It is also a good spot for photography and snorkeling. Departure will be from Litakika at 09:00, with a return by 14:00. Good coral, an occasional shark, sting rays, lots of aquarium fish. Cost for the 2-tank trip is $70. Snorkelers cost is $25. Minimum of four divers need to make this trip go; maximum number of divers is six.

Sign up at laidenkidives@gmail.com

3 February: Sunday Dives: Dahwak Bridge and Dahwak Islands Reef Wall. Today’s dives will be at Dahwak Bridge and the Dahwak Islands Reef Wall. Departure will be from Litakika at 09:30, with a return by 15:30. These dives are good for experienced divers. Sharks, barracuda, schools of fish, good coral. Cost for this two-tank trip is $80. Minimum of four dives; maximum of six.

Sign up at laidenkidivers@gmail.com

26 January, Saturday Morning Dives: Mwahnd Cove and Manta Road

Depart from Dipision at 04:15 (early, early morning) to do dive one as a night-into-morning dive at Mwahnd Cove.  This is one of our favourite sites, but we've never seen it at night. After a surface interval, we will do Dive 2 at Manta Road, entering there we before 08:00. We should be back to Dipision by 10:00. We will have room for six divers. We hope to get everyone's gear set up Friday afternoon, to make the first dive easier for everyone.We need a minimum of four divers to make the trip happen. Rental gear is available. Cost to rent a flashlight is replacing the batteries after the dive.Cost per diver is $70. Please let us know by Thursday evening, the 24th, if you want to sign up so we can prepare the gear. If you will be using your own, we asked you to bring it to the shop on Friday.

27 January, Sunday Morning/Afternoon Dives off the Outer Reef walls. We'll depart Dipision at 08:00 and head to North Point for dive 1. This is often an exhilaration drift dive. We'll spend the surface interval motoring slowly to the Old Main Pass area where we will look for clear water for dive 2. We should return between 14:30 and 15:00. Both dives will be clear-water dives along the outer reef wall. Minimum number of divers required to make the trip happen is four. Maximum number of divers is six.Cost of the trip will be $80 per diver. Please sign up by Friday (25th) evening so we can make arrangements.

Contact us at laidenkidivers@gmail.comjoranahan@gmail.com, or call 320-3181 (during business hours), 320-1148 (before 8 PM) if you have questions and/or want  to sign up for either or both days. Should be fun diving.