Pohnpei, Micronesia

Upcoming Events/Promotions

Sunday, 18 August

We will be diving at two of our best dive sites: Dahwak Bridge & Pehleng Corner. We will depart from Litakika at noon, returning by 5:30PM. These are advanced dives during which we frequently see sharks, barracuda, large schools of fish, healthy coral, even small aquarium fish.  Cost for this dive will be $90 per diver. Sign up at laidenkidivers@gmail.com by Friday noon.

Saturday, 17 August

We will be taking a student diver out to complete.open water dives 3 & 4. There will be a second guide available for those wishing to do two easy dives at The Chimneys. We will depart Dipision at noon, returning by 5:00PM. Cost per diver will be $80; per snorkeler $25.00 Gear rental is extra at $20 for the day. Sign up at laidenkidivers@gmail.com by Friday noon.

 Dives for 3 & 4 August

Back-to-School Dives
Saturday, 3 August — Easy dives and good snorkeling at The Chimneys and Mwand Cove

Depart from Dipision at 11:30

Return to Dipision by 16:3

There are both easy, shallow dives (30’-40’) along inner reef walls with lots of good coral and lots of fish. Mwahnd Cove also has beds of garden eels and a resident (usually) nurse shark. There are already some folks signed up, but we have seats for four more divers. Cost for the trip is $75 per diver; $25 per snorkeler. Gear rental is $20.

Sign up by noon on Friday, 2 August at laidenkidivers@gmail.com

Sunday, 4 August — Exciting dives at Sunrise (at Coral Gardens) and at Manta Road 

Depart from Dipision at 04:45

Return to Dipision by 09:45

Descend in the dark (with an included flashlight), watch the coral polyps slowly withdraw into their holes, watch reef fish wake up and get moving, and then ascend with the rising sun. Then onto Manta Road to catch the mantas early. Cost per diver for the trip is $80; $25 per snorkeler. Gear rental is $20.

Sign up by 5:00PM on Saturday, 3 August at laidenkidivers@gmail.com.

PADI Certification INFO Sessions

Looking to get certified? Come by the shop the first week of July from 6pm - 7pm to join us for information sessions about our upcoming scuba certification courses!

Mon & Tues (1st & 2nd July): Open Water Course

Wed (3rd July): Advanced Open Water Course

Thurs (4th July): Rescue Diver

Fri (5th July): Speciality Diving Courses